The bugs remain close to their favorite host, the man, and hidden next to him awaiting their next meal or a free ride to a new house, often covering long distances. No environment is safe. 

Canine inspection is the most accurate method to verify if bedbugs are present. Here are some of the areas where we can perform: 


Hospitality industry

Maintaining a good reputation is one of the most important factors for hotel businesses and bed bug encounters can damage the reputation of any hotel or establishment.

Many potential clients book their hotel or check business reviews online. There are many new websites posting bed bug reports. After reviewing these sites, your clients may choose to take their business elsewhere. One single online posting may create a lifetime of financial impact, as well as causing permanent damage to your reputation.

Over the last few years there has been approximately 30 million dollars in lawsuits filed against US hospitality businesses for bed bug issues. This figure does not include the potentially thousands on settlements agreed upon behind closed doors.



Apartment complex and dormitories

These are prime locations for bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can easily migrate through the walls from one unit to the other as the infestation grows. If you find bed bugs in one location the surrounding units should always be inspected as well to gain control of the infestations before it gets any worse.



Different modes of transportation used by the public such as buses, subways, airplanes, cruise ships, cars, taxis and ambulances, can accommodate unwanted bed bugs


Private homes

Bed bugs can be extremely elusive: they are introduced into homes by people unaware of being in contact with a haunted environment or bringing bedbugs or live eggs in their own luggage or in clothes 

We can set your mind at ease and have you sleep in peace again knowing that your home is bed bug free. 


Your risk of exposure to bedbugs increases as the problem spreads. Prevent and protect your property and your family.

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